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My sales figures was the best in Japan !

Dear Maaya, Shin,

There is something I would like to report to you 😀 

That is, I had a best sales performance on May in the bland shops I work in Japan!

It is a biggest company in Japan.

It is great, isn’t it? I was so surprised, because I was not selling forcefully, I didn’t propose cooxdinaxxt customers so often… I just deal with customers normally. Somewhat I felt I was lucky.

I was just thinking clothes were sold as if flowing (I didn’t intent to sell hard), so I was very surprised to know my sales figures…

Then, soon I noticed that it is because I attended TERAKOYA on April 25 2015.

Wow, how great TERAKOYA is!!  I am looking forward to attending next TERAKOYA.



previous TERAKOYA【The truth of invisible world】is like a prologue to 【High Dimensional Wisdom(“Kingcraft” in old-fashioned word】


To influence others

To leave great result

The result you desire


Thus, I wanted people who run business or in a position of leadership attend TERAKOYA.

The title was 【The truth of invisible world】, but the content is not something about ghost or alien.




I delivered them

Consciousness power

Energy power (xxxxxxx energy),

and the structure of the energies.


There will be huge difference in life and reality on this planet between who know these and doesn’t know.


The picture I drawn on whiteboard, do you remember? Also, pointing out the picture, I said something like that:

“Please be conscious this, anyway.

Just being conscious, you can take a leading position, you can stand above others who don’t know it. You can influence them.”




This is it.

I just dealt with customers normally. I felt I was lucky.

I was just thinking clothes were sold as if flowing (I didn’t intent to sell too much)


Whether they know or not…

With just that…


The energy amount


The power of moving and transforming the reality


There will be big differences.


That is “High Dimensional Wisdom”.


Next time, I will show you the outline of “High Dimensional Wisdom”.


Future Maaya Village is going to put the focus on “High Dimensional Wisdom” and preparing for it.


From Maaya’s original blog on June 6 2015