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The secret of greatest relationship between wife and husband–First, getting out of capitalism world –part 3

Well, a couple seeking “happiness they can buy with money” will be “unhappy when they lost jut money”?

My partner always says that in a quiet and confidential manner:

“I am feeling happy always because of being able to get out of the capitalism world completely. Then, I owe it all to Maaya who has full of non-earthling’s ideas … You helped me getting  out of the world. As I met Maaya, I can live happy, exciting and curious life feeling my soul’s satisfaction. I would be spending my life being bounded by the capitalism world if I hadn’t gotten out…”  

To get out of the capitalism world (I am not recommending honorable poverty) and obtain true happiness, unshakable happiness and true abundance, we have to get out the capitalism world first of all.

To support you, I will hold a beginner class “Wealth Seminar ” on Nov. in Osaka.

The seminar is the updated version of “Money Seminar “held in Tokyo previously.

To be continued.

From Maaya’s JP blog on Oct. 2 2012