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The secret of greatest relationship between wife and husband–First, getting out of capitalism world –part 4(the end)

Many people go into an invisible world such as X world or XX world to obtain things from the same dimensional level having the consciousness which can’t get out of the capitalism world.

If you ask me, I say that the order is wrong (the reverse order)….

I would like to say that “Why don’t you break out of the capitalism world?”

Even if you learn X world or XX world being in the capitalism world, you won’t be able to obtain what you would like to acquire… Especially in the future.

I will recommend that upgrading the degree of freedom of your consciousness and rising up your consciousness level before that.

We already realized the effect. Yes, that would be better way and that will bring you the situation easily that you will be blessed with good job and be comfortably fixed for money. 🙂

Reaching the state, or if man and woman who are trying to reach the state find a partner, they will attract each other, which can be describe as soul’s marriage.
*there are people who prefer not get married in the present life.

Of course, we can obtain true happiness without marriage 🙂

I would like to explain it in detail in workshop.

Your present life is only one time. Wouldn’t you like to live, such a precious life lightly and feeling true happiness?

The end

From Maaya’s blog on Oct. 2 2012