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Tonight Remote Healing

I think who attended “Change Your Destiny “understand it. I explained it by a skit.

Your reality, what you are now… are because of you.

Apparently the reason is your side.

Where lays the causes.

When the causes were created.


However, it seems difficult for you to swallow it.

Three dimensional reality, physical world you focus now, most of you think it is the REAL world.

You are trying to change your reality hard approaching from your reality side, three dimensional physical world.

Then, how are the outcomes?


I can say that your reality has not changed well yet.


You are sticking to three dimensional reality, three physical world.

You believe the world is the only truth, reality and that’s all.

That’s why your distress, stress, lassitude, inferiority complex, inadequacy, unhappiness feelings exist in you.


Then, even  who are interested in mysterious world, if they don’t remove the thought,

 they shall drag themselves in dark world and can’t get out of the darkness.

  1. Your consciousness is leveled up
  2. “Three dimensional reality, physical world” side is just a SHADOW.

At least you are aware of these, you can’t handle energy, Hado, dimensional and information world correctly,

and it is impossible to make your wish in three dimensional world be realized.
Work, money, partner, relationship, health, satisfaction, happy loop….needs both 1 & 2.

1 :“Raise your consciousness level”

To notice that things you focusing now is a shadow,

and even you keep staring at and sticking in three dimensional reality, physical world,

you can’t create your desired life.


2: Understanding  “Three dimensional reality, physical world” is just a SHADOW.

To build the base of creating happy life that you are really wishing for with light heart and ease and feeling comfortable.


Tonight, I will include both of two (the two are the same in nature) in tonight Remote Healing.

Also, with special method usually I use it in secret session, I will deliver “The Universal Pure Space” into the REAL world which create your reality (SHADOW).


Understanding “Three dimensional reality, physical world” is just a shadow….


I comprehended it truly when I was 10 years old, so I can say that it is important seriously.

If you comprehended it truly,

you may regard people who believe that three-dimensinal world is the only true!  working hard and sticking into

as they are restless, snorty, heavy and terrible.

Also , you may feel the  energy from those people is terrific.


Greedy, as if they deceived others or deprived others to achieve their ends, or heavy jealousy….ou can feel uncomfortable fierce PRESSURE from those people.


I can say that those people are restless and cling to something believing “three dimensional reality, physical world” is the only truth!

Well, that can’t be determined sweepingly, as even they look cool but in reality they may be the same.

However, you can sense it as energy.


What burdensome is that believing only “three dimensional reality, physical world” is the truth! will

reduce your energy quality,

vibration and

consciousness level…


Then, if you would like to change your “three dimensional reality, physical world”, you have to notice TRUE world …

To notice TURE world, after all you have to know it is the SHADOW and get out of SHADOW world…


I have delivered this since I started this blog.

In MV several seminars and TERAKOYA as well.


Let’s comprehend it together 🙂

See you at 9:00PM tonight remote healing!

From Maaya’s original blog on Aug. 23 2014