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2. Energy, Consciousness and 波動(Hado, wave motion) world

To unfold invisible world, regardless of expense and time, I tried every possible ways as book, person and event.

However, the world I perceive may be special or few, I couldn’t find things could be used as references.

Nothing as I could say “this is it!”

Gradually, I had nothing left to refer.


My sensor started to grasp the features of energy of invisible entity’s consciousness and people’s notions:

The invisible worlds, the layers of invisible worlds, dimensions of the worlds.


I used my body as a guinea pig many times.

There was a period that I lost quite a bit of weight because of energy exhaustion.

I kept on my experiments, and I started to understand invisible world, the layers, the structure of dimensions, invisible entities and the structure of invisible people’s notions.


To Be Continued

From Maaya’s original blog on Dec. 24. 2010