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3. Energy, consciousness and 波動(Hado,wave motion)

Meanwhile, I understood that I could solve everything in consciousness.


Any entities, even they are worshiped by people, I can see their inconveniences of consciousness somewhere.


Then, finally I did it.   My consciousness surpassed their consciousness.


Thereupon, their intervention has gone.


Meanwhile, I grasped that:

“The connection of the universe and consciousness”,

“The connection of 空,KU (one concept in Buddhism) and consciousness”

“Why the universe continues to exist”.

I comprehended “We can create our own universe as we would like to ”.


I expressed it into a device of generating Hado(wave motion), “The Universal Unlimited Creation of Fountain (Maaya Village product)“.


To Be Continued

From Maaya’s original blog on Dec. 24 2010