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Transcend own ancestors! #3

Also, she said that “It seems that I believed that I didn’t have money, but since putting a card for —, I noticed ‘I have money!’”.


This is because of the negative information of her family tree.

The ancestor must have struggled financially.


“I don’t have enough money. I don’t have enough money!”

I’m losing money. I’m losing money”

“I am uneasy about money. I am uneasy about money”

The endless flow of such thoughts is, in some sense, like a curse.


Whatever the truth, the information was triggered through — W— and the same thought and mode was switched on.


Then, regardless of the truth, one is to become poorer and poorer.


“Poor thoughts” come and go in one’s conversations and actions.

This is the scary part of the chain of negative information from one’s family-tree.


“A leopard cannot change its spots”

It is a terrible phenomenon. However, I would like to say that this dreadful phenomenon isn’t comparable with the idea that “a leopard cannot change its spots”:


I would like to say:

Ancestor’s —— continues to their descendant forever.
Ancestor’s cu— h—-s continue to their descendant forever.
Ancestor’s —— h—s continue to their descendant forever.



She had both a student life and an adult life without showing her full ability because of the negative information of the family tree.


If the quality of one’s thoughts, information and energy is heavy and bad, your vibration becomes low.


With this condition, the energy of MV is hard for one to reach.


In her case, the information of her family tree was the biggest bottleneck.
(I knew this because of information from the universe four or five years ago.)

Over the four or five years of her precious life, she must have understood how she connected with the invisible world and was affected by it so much that it hurt her. That’s why from now on she will understand the structure of the invisible world more, take advantage of it, and create a new life.


The best gift is that, by just fixing your family tree, you can improve your thought habits, body condition, and quality of your life, right?



I hope you read the message again: “To those that would like to receive MaayaVillage’s secret goods … (card for grave)”



This is a miracle. These are miracle goods and a powerful system.


I am glad that I could create these goods and this system for the world.


– Maaya who lives in information and the spirit world. 😛


The end

From Maaya’s JP blog on May 2 2017