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The reason why “Brain Treatment” is popular -3-

Thorough such a long and horrific (Standing beside a person who have brain problem is something. Who experienced it must understand how hard it is) battles( with the person and the person’s symptoms),

MV could grasp precious understanding.


At the time, we didn’t know what the battles would be helpful for .


I was clearly helping

who are sensitive to notion and energy,

who can read others’ notion,

empath and psychic (actually, such people are quite a few) to be able to live more easily,


Therefore , sometimes I was wondering about taking care and solving causes of problems of who caused problems to his/her life and himself/herself by his/her brain XXXXX.




Such big difficulties I experienced is of great use now.


Now I can think “ Ah…I understand that long-term battles is for this” ( this thought may be spiritualistic idea 😉 )


That’s why…

When I see your brain in current “Brain Treatment” and read your current problems,

my intuition from the experiences works,

and it leads to your comfortable brain.


MV got through precious and heroic experiences which can’t be done usually.


Without being ruined there, we were going forward getting something from harsh days.


Things we seized there are now helpful for your “Brain Treatment” including “Brain Operation”.


To be continued


From Maaya’s JP blog on Apr. 15 2016