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Please suspect ADHD #3

Therefore, it is idealistic that knowing the feature of your own brain (with the help of specialists), learning how to control own brain, others around you (family and your boss) understand the feature of your brain well, and you will get perfect advise.

In the society, there are many people try to various things without knowing own true problems.


If you think:

“Ah, I may be…”

“Perhaps, my child is…

“My father may be…

I hope you, kid or father visits a hospital which takes care sincerely.

It seems that you will know what kind of things you are not good at dealing with by some tests.


That will lead to the easiness of your life, quality of your daily life and work, so you should know that.


The tragedy is : you feel hardness to live, your daily life and work get low quality, you get depressed, inferior complex enlarges and dustup with others lasts.


It is often said that the limit of Western medical science, but there are some that you can use well.

Yes, you take advantage of it!


It is impossible that doctors and present medicine cure ADHD. (Including autism spectrum disorder and Asperger disorder)


However, right diagnosis is useful for your training of your brain, how to live and how to choose jobs.


I wrote “right diagnosis” on purpose.


To be continued.


From Maaya’s JP blog on April 27 2017