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Please suspect ADHD #4

For instance, there is a person who has multiple problems.

(ADHD + Borderline personality disorder+ Schizophrenia+Autism Spectrum Disorder, etc)


Examination time is limited, so sometimes it will be hard to determine disease name by only one time diagnosis.


For instance, there are many who learned only form of communication to adapt society having developmental disorder.

By the behavior….


It seems that there are cases that even doctors couldn’t notice that he or she had developmental disorder by only one diagnosis.


Of course, there are doctors who are not familiar with developmental disorders. In the case, the diagnosis shall be vague.


Rather than that, it is often right that families or others who have observed the person for long to infer the person with observation power.


Therefore, besides doctors, counselor and healer, parents, boss and coworkers had better improve own observation power.


It will lead to high quality of your life and your rich life.

I hope you will improve it every day.


Truth is not floating on superficial shallow.


Truth is hidden in the depths.


Please be cool human who have keen powers of observation.


Surely, it shall lead to the resolution of your own, family and work-place problems!


To be continued.

From Maaya’s JP blog on May 2 2017