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Recommended movies by Maaya

Yesterday I wrote a blog “firstly, to get out of underground empire”,

and today I would like to share my recommend movies for your reform of consciousness!

I think you may not be able to understand it just by watching the movies, so I will explain in a seminar someday.


About 10 years ago, I was asked to go to a movie and watched “The Matrix Reloaded”.

Then, I understood what they described soon and was surprised the depth of the lines.

My friend just watched the Hollywood movie saying “Keanu Reeves is blah-blah…”

I thought of different perceptions in one movie. (We can say it in lives)


As I wrote it before, my friend is in a x group in advertising agency terms….

Well, living with wide opened eyes and living without…there are as different as cloud and mud…

It is similar in a situation in underground of empire in a movie” KAIJI Game of Overturning the Lives” (Japanese movie)

The line of Mr. Tonegawa playd by Mr. Teruyuki Kagawa is great too.

“Society is not your mother!!”


The movie described true situation of “Underground Empire” system the best of all movies and it will be good material to compare with society.

I am not recommending this movie itself, but it would be a reference to know what “underground empire” is. That’s all.


Movie, “STARWARS revenge of the sith” describes the moment of falling off to the darkness because of his fear and persistent tenacity.


If you watch the movie, you may understand the universal high dimensional space, worlds exist in the globe, KU, consciousness and my stories
Movie, “The Matrix I” is surely great, and the scene with an architect in The Matrix Revolutions? is great too.


The lines in The Matrix I is deep too

The virtual world human being think real…and the real world moves the virtual world..

Awaking the virtual world and get out of the world…

Something like that 🙂


Did you know the movie?

If I meet another great movies, I will let you know 🙂

From Maaya’s original blog on Nov. 10 2011