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When you touch low vibration world…4

Due to my job, I meet people: those who like invisible world. those who say they sense something invisible.  these who would like to make invisible world into their job.


However, those who says so, always have unhealthy minds or they are stepping into invisible worlds to fake own darkness and hurt.


Then, when I touch sort of people, I often feel “dirty!”


It is because that they tune and connect only to things equal to own mind condition, level of own consciousness and own frequency.


Then, there are many people among them who complain that “around kidney feels heavy, dull and hurts.”


I have a remote acquaintance who caused the worst situation.


He was interested in invisible world and played in the world having low vibrations and low conscious level.


I think he didn’t have any powers originally but people around flattered him too much.

And I guess that he was feeling good that they treated him specially, so he couldn’t stop playing in invisible world.


Also, I guess that he couldn’t use any high dimensional arts at all such as MV uses: cutting worlds[realms] people connected, removing their unnecessary energy or changing own vibration.


(He is older generation than me. Invisible world such generation can understand is low dimension and vibration)


He spoiled kidney physically and now he can’t live without artificial dialysis.


Perhaps, at first he stepped into the world out of curiosity.


I think he had never thought that such an ending was waiting for him.


To be continued.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Feb. 24 2017