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You are responsible for all in your life

A woman noticed something, and trying to get out of current old social structure.

However, she can’t see future and she has lived at the place only where she has been, so  she is struggling about how to live in the future…

When I was 10, I got out of it, but nobody got out. Those who got out and those who haven’t gotten out can live together?

It is like the world of Matrix (movie).

If you got out, you have to stand up your own feet firmly. Nobody stands up on behalf of you.

If you can’t stand up, you have to go back to old world. (If the old world is still working…)


The message below is I sent to the person.

Finally, you noticed it. It is great. You had been brainwashed of capitalism, and you lost your soul’s direction…

However, you are yet  in your early XXX ties, so it is fine. For X years, imprinting by society, imprinting by company, imprinting by others around you… Then, the result is what you are now. That you, you kept choosing them….
The selections you piled are what you are now.

Capitalist world… I noticed it when I was 10. It’s too early, so it was tough for me.

For 20 years, 30 years, up to people, 40 years, 50 years, 60 years, 70 years, 80 years, 90 years…they die without knowing it.

However, not knowing for decades is responsible for them. If you noticed, how you deal with is your decision. Thinking of next step is your important work.

 Nobody lives on behalf of you, and others are just a reference.

In the end, YOUR consciousness, thought and will are important. 

You are independent and mature person only if using your consciousness, though and will as a TOOL for yourself and getting the art of controlling them.


It is up to you whether you can master or can’t master Maaya’s blog, workshop, seminar or counseling packed with my advice for you.


Living freely is being able to taking responsibility for everything. All is your responsibility.


I am thinking of holding “Wealth Workshop” in Tokyo. I hope you can attend the workshop and live freely and independently and build your life, human original life.


A person establish your life is NOT


Your parents

Your partner

Invisible high dimensional entity,

Your boss neither president

Prime Minister…

It is YOU.

From Maaya’s original blog on Nov. 26 2012