Notice about rejuvenating cosmetics -2 –

Hello, everyone.
After all, “rejuvenation” is an eternal theme and everyone is interested in it. Even if the lifetime extend, it is hard if the body and head don’t move as you think. In addition to that, if the body and head move, everyone wants to look young.

And the second announcement of rejuvenating cosmetics is good news for everyone who is troubled with hair! !
I am also looking forward to seeing you as one who have hair problem.
I also want to know the secret of the youthfulness of Maaya that continues to evolve!
(Maaya does not show up on SNS. She is a real perceiver of energy, so she feels the energy of the person who saw her photo. That’s why she doesn’t show face on SNS where unspecified number of people see. Please come and meet her Japan! )


As a second step of this rejuvenating cosmetic series, I would l like to work on “thin hair” and “gray hair” as well.

There is a dentist (he is six or seven years older than me) who knows me more than five years old. I recently went to the dental office for the first time in a year. Looking at my hair lying on the examination table, the dentist touched my hair saying :

“You have a bushy hair.”
“(I am a woman, so, my hair is normal, isn’t it?) What’s up!”
“No, both men and women have less hair year by year … My hair is hopeless…”
“(I will send it to him when I produce a hair growth version of MV’s rejuvenation series!) I see …”
We had such conversations.

I have a dream of “I want to grow men’s hair!”from long ago. I think that it is really important. I understand the feelings of men who have trouble with hair! If your hair is bushy, your work and your living itself should be more fun!

At the social gathering on September 9, we talked:

“In the morning, I feel good all day if my skin condition is good, but if it is bad …”
“That’s right. I understand ~”
“I am looking forward to the baby cream!”
Also with the one
“Hi Maaya, can you do something for gray hair?  I dye it every one and a half months, but it is troublesome …”
“It will be troublesome.  Of course I will make it for gray hair”
“It was good ~”

I understand the difficulties of those who have to make gray hair dye.

Also with the one:
“Is Maaya wearing a sunscreen?”
“No, I have never done this in my life. I’m sure I’d have to put on thinking my age.”
“But, that is, you can’t have spots”
“Well … I guess I think so ”
(I see, that’s why I don’t feel like putting sunscreen cream)

I have never used cosmetic products like typical cosmetics in this life … so I am studying from scratch to make the baby cream.

In the rejuvenating cosmetic series,  I will approach from skin problems, hair problems and (brain problems), (I also want to crate products for tooth and eyes), but before that, I’d like to teach you the structure of the these things from “MV” point of view at “Health and Beauty Terakoya(seminar)”.

Because your age is old or your parents are so it is because it is genetic, your hair gets thinner and gray hair. When you hit ultraviolet rays, it will definitely become stains. Because your you eat this, you get fat. e.t.c,
I am going to tell the way to overthrow such common sense based on MV-like way of thinking.

A dental assistant knowing my actual age was surprised to see my face without makeup.
The dentist who knows my actual age compares his aging speed and my change over the past few years, “You are going to rejuven rather quickly” and every time he was surprised!

* Since the dentist took a photo of my face about five years ago, he would be surprised to see my face compared with my face a few years ago.
“This woman doesn’t get old?  She is rather rejuvenating, isn’t she?”
Hairdressers who have been treated my hair for several years saw my hair “Every time your gray hair really does not increase ”
“Hair quality is really good”
I have been a naked eye for a long time, and I do not have any signs of sinking in particular, and the in-body age of my weight scale at home says I’m 24 years old.

Perhaps, I think those secrets are that.
I don’t have special things to eat, put and drink, but what is different compared to people who change their bodies according to age obediently … Yes, I have one.

In the next “Health and Beauty Terakoya(seminar) ” I think that we can tell such secrets.

From Maaya’s JP blog on September 13. 2017