“Remote Brain Treatment” Brain tells you! Listen to the voice of your brain!-1-

When we do brain treatment, we always derive their parts of “brain distemperature”.

Then, during we are confronting their brains, various information are conveyed to us.


Prosecutors express: “Dead body tells us”.

From brain treatment esthetician, we can say that” Brain tells us”.

We can see various things:

What are the features of your brain, what you are good at and bad at in your daily life, what disorders your body has, are there any something like addiction, is there panic disorder, whether you have something like developmental disorders, whether you are controlling your emotional energy, whether ability to solve problems, concentration and language skill is high or not, whether fear and anxiety are easy to come out or not, whether you are irritated and get anger easily or not, whether you have something interferes your own brainwaves by some other energy healing or something like 神界系[Shin Kai Kei. It’s one of a worlds] etc.

We tell people who take the brain treatment “the voice of brain”( limited to the scope of brain treatment) by email, and they make use of it for their healthier life.


Case 1:

Brain showed the condition of her work and life itself.

Dear Maaya,

Thank you for sending the email about remote brain treatment results.


As Maaya said, I can’t deny that I was working to eat effortlessly, though I haven’t fallen down such as depression or hopeless.


Thank for your special treatment as to be able to work energetically. Yes, actually I was thinking I should work harder taking into consideration of changing my job.

Thank you so much (*^^*)

Of course!  We find out what you are lacking, and we do necessary treatment for you.


Case 2

A part of children’s brain and an organ of children’s body showed family environment.

Thank you for the check list. As I thought, after MV session, I could understand the content of the brain treatment check list.

Lately, my voice and family’s voice of —- stood out.

Thank you for the sharp advice.

It’s pinpoint, so I can improve it consciously.

I will take care of it.


Energy one human being emit is intense…

I would like to meet you again and thank you for your help. (^_^)。

To raise children’s brain healthier, we, adults, need to be concerned about.


Yes, please improve it consciously!

To be continued.


From Maaya’s JP blog on Mar. 18 2017